Monday, April 22, 2013

Clueless, they are.

I had a long, internet conversation with an older Mason a couple of nights ago. He mentioned that they are not getting many new, younger members. He said young men just weren't interested in joining "social" organizations. I told him I could explain that. He asked me to do so.

What followed was a long discussion of the treatment and attitude toward women of the Masonic order. I told him about sitting and waiting while the men do their thing, about being expected to hostess entertainment for all the "ladies" doing likewise. About sitting at dinner tables while my husband and the man on the other side of me talked across me as if I was not even there and the demeaning jokes told.

I told him that today's women are not going to accept that kind of behavior from their husband/boyfriend.

He talked about the "unchangeable" nature of the rituals. I said I didn't think most modern men would find the path to "enlightenment" much enhanced by the archaic and, frankly, silly rituals of the lodge.

In the end, he said something to the effect of "I'm sorry you feel that way."

My reply was "Evolve or perish." I'm betting on the latter.


  1. Hello! Found your blog after searching for some entertainment I apparently have to plan...
    My husband is going to be a grand pubah for the first time next month, and I'm already annoyed. I see that I'll have to deal with this forever, it seems! Ah well. I'm glad there are intelligent masonry wives like yourself out there instead of some of the sheep I seem to be with.
    Anyhoo, loving the blog, and your honest opinions!

  2. It is a hard decision whether to go along with or step away from the role of hostess. It took me years to summon the courage to say "no."

    Last night, I pinned a dozen medals to his uniform coats in preparation for his monthly Saturday York Rite meetings. I don't have to pretend to like it at home, so I do it. But, public participation is off the menu.

    I wish you luck. Keep in touch. We seem to be few and far between.


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